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Water Soluble Range

Protect the EnvironmentWater Soluble plastic

Valpak has an exciting range of strong Water Soluble items suitable for all markets.

Responsible Environmental Water Soluble Material

    Valpak Water Soluble products contain no raw materials that are toxic or harmful to humans, animals, marine life or plants.  When dissolved in hot water  the material completely dissolves and causes no harm and no pollution. 

      The material in addition to being soluble in water is biodegradable and recyclable  in aerobic and anaerobic digestive systems. We view this exciting development as the next generation of packaging to help rid our oceans of the plastic waste present today.

      Key Features of our water soluble plastic

      • Tuned water solubility for cross infection – maximum performance
      • Water vapour permeability without becoming hygroscopic
      • Excellent tear strength
      • Excellent puncture resistance 
      • Oxygen and Nitrogen barrier (one of the highest for plastic materials)
      • Highly resistant to solvents, oils, fats and greases
      • High electrical surface resistivity
      • Good weldability and bond ability
      • Biodegradable and recyclable in aerobic and anaerobic digestive systems

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